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Kids Yoga & Mindfulness Holiday Camps

Follow the Rainbow is upping its game with more
Kids Yoga & Mindfulness camps this Summer!

Kids Yoga camps are an ideal way of keeping your child active and socialising during the holidays. Follow the Rainbow provides a rich and creative curriculum of Kids Yoga, Arts & Crafts and other STEM activities all themed around topics including “REMARKABLE RAINFORESTS”, “AROUND THE WORLD IN 5 DAYS” and “UNDER THE SEA”.

“A really creative and active week of camp with a friendly atmosphere! When your children say “No dad, we don’t want to go yet!” at pick-up, you know it’s high quality stuff!” Parent of 6 and 9 year olds

Bookings for the upcoming camps are now open! 

Tuesday 28th to Friday 31st May

Monday 15th to Friday 19th July

Monday 5th to Friday 9th August 

Tuesday 27th to Friday 30th August 2024

from 9.30AM to 3.30PM (Early Drop off available from 9.00AM)

Hear what Follow the Rainbow campers have to say about their experience of the Kids Yoga & Mindfulness camps!


My 8 year old son loves Follow the Rainbow camp. It is not only the yoga that Jess provides, but also the Arts & Crafts, laughter, fun, all of this in a kind and respectful atmosphere. Highly recommended!

Pauline Labbe
Pauline Labbe
Amazing for children, my daughter loves it!
justis m
justis m
Jess does a great job of delivering yoga lessons to children in a format that is engaging and fun for them. My daughters love her class. We’re happy that her approach is building a solid foundation in yoga and a positive relationship for them.
paulina dombriz salgueiro
paulina dombriz salgueiro
My daughters joined Follow the Rainbow February holiday Camp. They had a lot of fun learning yoga and doing art and crafts. Jess and her team did a fantastic job to keep the children happy, entertained and safe. They were so proud to show their yoga progress in the evenings that I had a lot fun me too.
Thomas Evans
Thomas Evans
our five year old daughter has now done three follow the Rainbow camps and she absolutely loves it. it a really wonderful way for her to spend her school breaks. thank you so much, Tom
Katerina Kroll
Katerina Kroll
Jess ran our son’s 5th birthday. She was wonderful from start to finish. Friendly, polite, organised. Everything worked seamlessly. The party itself was amazing. The kids had such a good time, so much more than just yoga. The other parents were all intrigued what the party would entail and whether their kids would “sit still” but they were all so complimentary afterwards and I’ve had so many positive comments since the party. Huge thank you for making our boys big day a huge success!
La Petite Nursery
La Petite Nursery
Jess has been working with La Petite Nursery for over a time now and we are very pleased to say that the children have been enjoying the yoga session very much. Jess' calming and nurturing nature seem to capture all children's attention and it was amazing to see how well they listened and followed the instructions. Jess has a comprehensive approach to her classes she adapts the lesson to align with the nursery topics and planning. During the lesson, Jess covers many areas of development such as physical development, communication and language, understanding of the world, and emotional development. She brings great resources each session to keep children engaged during and adapts the games and poses to different age groups. The yoga flow and games were very engaging and practical to take into the classroom. The mindfulness and relaxing activities were brilliant. Jess creates a lovely warm atmosphere for the children who are then able to fully immerse themselves in the stories she tells. The children love her class and we could not be more pleased, she is very professional and easy to contact we really recommend Jess and Fallow the Rainbow.
Nadia El Houari
Nadia El Houari
My Daughter loves it and so proud to show what she learnt and practiced in Yoga class with Jess!
Ma classe de petite section a suivi 10 séances de Yoga avec Jessamy qui est intervenue auprès des 5 classes de PS et MS de l'école (de 2,5 ans à 4,5 ans). Quel bonheur de voir les enfants aussi motivés et me réclamer avec impatience la séance de Yoga de la semaine! Jessamy s'adapte à l'age des enfants en proposant des contenus adaptés, chaque séance est différente et fait intervenir du matériel pour canaliser tous les enfants (marottes, livres, chapeaux...). Les enfants sont tous entrés dans l'apprentissage transmis avec douceur et entrain. Tu vas nous manquer Jessamy mais on te retrouve l'année prochaine avec plaisir! Je t'ai d'ailleurs recommandée les yeux fermés à toutes les personnes que je connais qui travaille dans le milieu scolaire!
Rania Hassan
Rania Hassan
Our 6 year old daughter attends the Follow the Rainbow’s Kids Yoga class as an after-school activity, and she loves it: she comes home happy and relaxed, telling us about activities and exercises that she finds entertaining and funny. The teacher Jess is highly engaging and demonstrates a great experience in dealing with kids. I highly recommend this activity to any parent who is interested in a productive group activity.
Liliana Villatoro
Liliana Villatoro
All the team are professional and really kind with the kids, my daughter loved it so much! Will definitely return with follow the rainbow.

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga is a form of yoga that is designed specifically for children. It includes poses to increase strength, flexibility and coordination.

Delivered to children in the form of adventures and stories, using our creative minds and imagination, Kids Yoga is highly FUN and engaging for children!

Throughout classes, songs, story-telling and props are used to accompany poses.

Kids Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a BIG word for young kids to understand! But put simply, mindfulness is awareness, noticing our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and anything that is around us and happening right now.

Kids Mindfulness is taught through breathing exercises, using props such as pinwheels, bubble blowing, pompoms, but also through listening exercises, using bells, visual guided meditations, all the while keeping it FUN and engaging!

Arts & Crafts

Creative art naturally shifts children’s attention away from life’s problems and worries by naturally creating a state present awareness as mind and body become centered and focused.

Kids Meditations

Teaching children about meditation from an early age really does set them up for life, whether it be how to look after our mind, how to deal with uncomfortable feelings or what to do with our thoughts. Kids Meditation is a form of meditation specifically adapted and tailored to children’s needs. Keeping it fun and visual, Kids Meditations include visual guided meditations, chocolate meditations, sound meditations, candle gazing, anything that involves our senses!

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