Follow the Rainbow

Reaping the benefits

Focus and concentration

Kids Yoga & Mindfulness prepares children not only for school and the classroom, but also for the wider-world. It helps children to deal with stress, increases their ability to focus, concentrate and regulate their moods.

Dealing with emotions

With years of experience as a primary school teacher, I have first hand-on experience of how stress and anxiety can affect children.

I teach awareness through age-appropriate breathing and mindfulness games, visual and guided meditations and healthy movement. The techniques I teach are FUN to keep children engaged! But at the core of these techniques and games is the essence of my WHY: to help children learn tools to deal with the stresses of life, so they can thrive, not merely survive.

Confidence and self-belief

This practice is also known to increase children’s confidence and positive self-image. My Kids Yoga & Mindfulness classes foster a non-competitive environment, where every child is accepted just as they are and learns how to accept others just as they are, all the while learning how to develop healthy boundaries.