Follow the Rainbow

COVID-19 measures - updated July, 19th 2021

As restrictions have lifted since July 19th 2021, Follow the Rainbow’s utmost priority remains the well-being and health of the children in its care. Below is an outline of measures in place to ensure the safety and well-being of children, families and staff.


Maintaining good hand and respiratory hygiene remains a priority. Children and staff will wash their hands at the beginning and at the end of class. Follow the Rainbow uses hand gel for sensitive skin. Please let me know if you prefer for the to use their own hand gel.

Class sizes

From July 19th 2021, there will be no requirement to operate in small, consistent groups (or “bubbles”). However, Follow the Rainbow is limiting each after-school club class to a maximum of 15 children, depending on space available. For smaller studios like MAQAM, the class size will be limited to 10 children.

Ventilation measures

Ventilation continues to be important, but the Government guidance effective from July 19th 2021 now balances the need for ventilation with a comfortable temperature for children and staff. The room used for the Kids Yoga session will therefore be ventilated before and after the session takes place.


Maintaining regular cleaning protocols remains a priority. Follow the Rainbow has an appropriate cleaning schedule using standard products, focusing on frequently touched areas. These areas will be cleaned at the start and at the end of each class.

Personal prop kit & yoga mat

Each child aged 2 to 3 will also be given up to 2 props to use and play with for the duration of the class.

Follow the Rainbow will continue to provide each child aged 4 to 9 years with their own personal prop kit & yoga mat.

Any props used for Kids Yoga & Mindfulness activities (scarf, pompoms, straw, balloons, etc) will be put in an A5 sized-zip bag labelled with your child’s name and that will be their very own personal Kids Yoga & Mindfulness kit to use for the term.

Follow the Rainbow continues to ensure that children, families and staff in its care are protected. Follow the Rainbow aims to provide a fun, creative and exciting experience of yoga and mindfulness for children! Since July 19th 2021 with Covid-19 restrictions lifting, Follow the Rainbow is delighted to continue doing just that!

See what a Kids Yoga & Mindfulness class looks like!